About the brand.

Designer Elena Gera - the brand's founder and art Director of the Fashion House of the same name. The original name of the brand since 2010 and for seven seasons - G by G", this year has changed the name of the founder. The brand "G by G" got its name from the abbreviation of the first letters of the surname of the designer and the first letter of the boutique luxury service, which began to produce the collection of the Fashion House. Clothes from "Elena Gera" is a symbiosis of femininity, style and beauty. Main directions of activity of the company is production of women's clothing luxury" brand Elena Gera. The brand regularly, namely two times per year, creates seasonal collections pret-a-porter, as well as capsule collection.

The philosophy of the brand.

Femininity, elegance, impeccable fit and excellent performance of the tailors of the highest qualification the distinctive features of the products "Elena Gera". Clothing Elena Gera is created for girls and women with perfect taste, who love beauty, appreciate the fine quality and are accustomed to the very best! Every thing is custom made from exclusive Italian fabrics, specially designed templates that you can send things by inheritance! No wonder the motto of the Fashion house is the phrase: "Hand made for luxury", meaning "Hand work on the subject of luxury". Direct cooperation at Home of Fashion with a large Italian group fabric - Carnet Ratti , as well as other well-known factories for the production of fabrics, lace and accessories, located in Italy, France and England, allows you to create the most exquisite collection. For each model the clothes in the manufacturing process, a model is created, which takes place at least 5-8 fittings for different types of shapes that allows you to ensure a perfect fit things. In addition, each of the finished thing, the Fashion House free customize to fit the client. Bought the thing, throughout the period of operation, repaired free of charge in any cases, for example: if the client accidentally stepped on the hem of the dress heel, broke the zipper, hooked silk sleeve and many others, which is extremely rare in similar Fashion Houses.
Clothing designer Elena Gera created for women, who tend to emphasize their femininity and sensuality, for which the main thing - the beauty in everything. Elegant and sleek cut helps to create a perfectly balanced model that suit women of different types of shapes. Quality and refinement , "in step with global trends is something that can be found in each collection, "Elena Gera". The Fashion House Elena Gera we love what we do and do what we love, are proud of their work and respect each other. Buying things Elena Gera, you primarily acquire emotions invested our showers and masterful hands tailors-jewelers - true professionals.

The symbol of the brand.

The symbol of the Fashion House "Elena Gera" - starfish. This symbol was chosen not accidentally. In Christianity, the starfish represents the virgin Mary and Latin sounds like: Stella Maris (literally "Star of the sea"). As the Sea star is a celestial symbol, rather prosperous than drowning in the sea, it is associated with a pure and eternal love. Also a Nautical star is a symbol of rebirth and eternity, a sign that life goes on, regardless of the circumstances. Europeans starfish is divine love, the indestructible power of love. In the Christian religion starfish is a symbol of the Holy spirit, religion, charity, and also the symbol of the virgin Mary (Stella Maris). Of the most common beliefs that symbolizes starfish: fertility, happiness, wealth, peace and love, the star of Bethlehem. "In a word, starfish many characters prosperity, inspiration, light, spiritual formation, and many others, but they all are connected with love and kindness, which is close to me in spirit and inner state". 

Your Elena Gera.