Collection Spring-Summer 2015.

Mariinsky Theatre. 

Fabulous photo shoot collection of evening and cocktail dresses from the Fashion House Elena Gera" was held in the beautiful landscapes of the estate of Marino. A real Princess shooting, became the winner of Eurovision sisters Maria and Anastasia Tolmachev, and little ballerinas Kursk School of Arts No. 1 Sviridov. Young talents are trained in classical dance under the guidance of an experienced choreographer and former ballet dancer - Usatovo Marina Georgievna. 

Elena Gera - Russian designer, a native of Kursk. She produces a collection tenth anniversary season, creating collections of women's clothing that reflect the elegance, intelligence, sensuality and impeccable style of a true woman. When creating the collection spring-summer 2015, inspired the designer drew on his love for the Russian ballet. Therefore, the collection and was named the Mariinsky theatre, the cradle of the Russian ballets. Each dress in the collection has its own name and dedicate a certain ballet performances and great ballerinas: dress Cinderella (Cinderella) is devoted to the ballet Cinderella, dress Juliet (Juliette) - ballet Romeo and Juliet, dress Anna (Anna) - the ballerina Anna Pavlova, who for many years was the Prima of the Mariinsky Theatre are also other dresses got the same name of the great ballets - Asel, Esmeralda, Giselle...

Luxurious materials like tulle and silk, velvet, tulle and lace, glitter beads and stones, the beauty of corsets, mastery of embroidery - the imagination and transport us into the atmosphere of the ballet. The Central figure in the collection is the dress Cinderella inspired the eponymous ballet performances, as well as later and modern interpretations of the work. This year on the big screens released the long-awaited premiere of the film "Cinderella" from W. Disney and every famous Russian designer created her own dress a modern Cinderella. Elena Gera was no exception. Dress Cinderella collection "Mariinsky theatre"surprises with its authenticity of the image in combination with the modern trends of fashion.