Collection ss 2014

The collection is divided into two themes: "the Provence. Lace romance." and "Kiss of Paris". Spring-Summer 2014.

Collection Provence. Lace romance" by designer Elena Gera, inspired by the ease Olive meadows, the fullness of nature, the lace on the patterns of flower fields and silk fabrics. This collection, as well as luxury Provencal nature, it is impossible to enjoy until the end... She wants to enjoy again and again... 
For collection, we took the best French lace Soltis, light and flowing Italian silk from Carnet Ratti, as well as cotton lace in a rustic style. Small floral prints on dresses reminiscent of the unforgettable lavender fields in the vastness of France.
Small peas on the transparent silk veils, creates a unique and weightless volume. 
Rasova ribbon belt inspired vanilla macaroons delicious, creamy and caramel shades...
Velvet finish, reminiscent of the luxury of the eighteenth century and the great French balls! As the motto of the Fashion House Elena Gera is the slogan: "for Handmade luxury, all things made with painstaking precision tailoring and jewelry work. Some of the products created by the method of "tattoos" on the mannequin.
Collection "Kiss Of Paris". Its creation was inspired by the blue sky of this beautiful city, the sky is the capital of France, in the air which describes it all: the spirit of freedom, and the fragrance and unforgettable style fashionable Parisians. Collection podium, but at the same time romantic. It is perfectly fine and graceful young girl who fascinates with its beauty all around. Long tails on dresses combined with an open back, satin silk and decorated with a scattering of Swarovski crystals, beautifully located on the fabric in a beautiful pattern.