Handmade for luxury

Fashion house Elena Gera was founded in 2010.
All models are created manually by the masters. In the production process of the products used hand - over 60% (from the construction of patterns, cutting products, matiwane to sewing on buttons and labels), so its slogan Fashion House became the motto - "for Handmade Luxury", which translated means "Handmade for luxury". Each dress takes months or more, depending on complexity. Before the silk fabric is in cutting, is the layout, which worked out all the details and nuances of the product. The layout fits on a variety of body types, from 5 to 8 times.
Many connoisseurs of Fashion House, save on dress "Elena Gera" specifically, for obvious reasons. This is an exclusive thing. Each article is created in no more than three copies. Anywhere in the World you can be sure that in this dress You will not find Your "twin".
All things made here is scalpello-precise work. The Fashion House employs only professional high Sewing.
Over production of collections work: lead designer and head of the fashion House Elena Hera, as well as the artist-designer, designer, technologist and tailors the highest qualification. 
This is a truly High Fashion!
All the accessories from the Golden chain to buttons created in the Italian factories-manufacturers of accessories.
All collections "Elena Gera" sew exclusively from the best Italian fabrics textile factory CARNET RATTI or leading factories-manufacturers of luxury fabrics from France and England.