Sewing: women's clothing - evening dresses, leather goods and furs.


evening dress from the 40 000 roubles;
autumn coat from 50 000 rubles;
wedding dress or gown haute couture - 70 000 rubles;
to fit the thing on the figure from 3000 rubles.

We invite You in the Studio Elena Gera, where we will be glad to offer You:

Dresses HAUTE COUTURE, created to 90% of the manual labor. Corsets, embroidery, dresses made by spindling and other products. Fashion house Elena Gera" creates a luxurious evening dresses according to individual sketches: from the wedding, to clothing for ceremonies and red carpet tracks.

- Tailoring to order (products of any complexity, evening and cocktail dresses, outerwear, leather, fur, velvet, lace);
- Tailoring of fur and leather products;
- Repair of the product, adjustment of products to individual measures.

Elena Gera:

"Brand "G by G"or now "Elena Gera" exists since 2010 and our Studio just two years.

For a long time I resisted this idea, and believed that only need to create pret-a-porter as well as dresses haute couture, and that the format of the Atelier, which is chosen by many Russian designers, it is too simple way. However, after many customers began to demand individual items on the order, it became clear that we are ready to work in this format. Typically, clients Atelier are regular customers of the boutique, which once there is a desire to change a bit to suit their thing from the collection or create a dress on the way out. This is a very different women of different age from 25 to 55, educated, love the brand "Elena Gera", our patterns, our style, color combinations, textures in our collection. In the Studio you can develop a sketch and sew to order products of any complexity (from evening dresses and finishing outerwear, including fur)and to make or to fit according to individual standards model from the collection "Elena Gera". And when sewing dresses haute couture with every client I talk to personally. The price of things, sewed in the Studio, different from that presented in the boutique in 2-2,5 times. Of course, the consumption of individual tailoring is always higher than for the manufacture of collections. This is because in the Studio thing are several people held not less than five fittings, specially ordered fabric from Italy, in this regard, takes 2-3 times longer manufacture this stuff.


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